Before School

Our Before School program opened in the fall of 2009 due to the change in school times.  This program is only available to Kate Sullivan and Cobb students. Our Before School program opens at 7:30.  Kids have the option to choose from the Gym or Vine Room while at Before School, and they always have the opportunity to sit and finish any homework while supervised in the lobby.  This new program has exceeded all of our expectations and the kids have a ton of fun hanging out with each other at East Hill before the school day begins.

After School

East Hill's After School program has been well known throughout Tallahassee for many years.  We offer a fun and playful environment for children with superior supervision and care.  We accept students from the following schools: Kate Sullivan, Buck Lake, WT Moore, and Cobb.  Children are separated and put into groups based on grade level.  Groups follow a weekly schedule and go to activities such as: Gym, Gameroom, ODG (Outdoor games) Arts & Crafts, WORD, and the Peace Room (age-appropriate center play area).  We also have a large Homework Room students can choose to go to at any time.  Once a month all of our groups gather together for an Assembly - a time of fun where kids participate in relay races, competitions, skits, dances, and any other exciting activities we think up.  Also, our groups gather together for a time of praise and worship in the Chapel once a month.  Our After School program is open until 6:00pm.  Your child is guaranteed a good time at East Hill!

2024-2025 Before and After-School Program

Registration: Wednesday, July 10th

Monday - Friday

7:30-9:20am (Before School)

2:50-6:00pm (After School)

*We do NOT accept VPK from public schools for Before/After School, only VPK allowed is from our private program.

*Registration is online, click the FORMS tab above