Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain your swimming procedures?
Our swimming pool is only used during Summer Day Camp.  We always have two lifeguards on deck while the children are swimming in the pool. Furthermore, the children's group leader is on deck or in the pool with the campers.  Every Monday our lifeguards administer a swim test to determine which campers are swimmers.  To pass the swim test a camper must swim along the wall from one side of the pool to the other while in the shallow end without holding on to the ledge.  Swimmers that are unable to do this are simply given a swim bracelet everyday after they change into their swim gear.  The swim bracelet signifies to all the staff on deck that the child must remain on the steps in the shallow end.  Each group swims alone during camp, therefore children only swim with other campers their age.

Is your Summer Day Camp an academic camp?
No, we are an activity based camp and academics are not incorporated into our daily schedule.

How old are your staff for After School and Summer Day Camp?
We hire mostly college students for both of these programs.  The average age of our staff is 21 years old.  All of our staff are highly qualified and trained to work in our program.  They are all Christians who bring their faith with them into the program and its activities.

Does your Summer Day Camp go on field trips?
No.  Our camp does not take field trips, mainly because we are unable to control who is in a public environment with our campers while on off campus.

Can I pay for Hot Lunch for only certain days?
No. Our lunch numbers are finalized by 9am on Mondays, and orders are sent out. Due to high numbers of ordering, we do not break it down by the day.