East Hill Baptist Preschool is equipped with 6 classrooms.  Each classroom contains areas for center play, class circle time, snack and lunch, and other activities.  The materials and equipment in each room are age appropriate and created to engage the children cognitively, physically and socially. 

Daily Schedule

Each class schedule will vary to allow for needs, ages, and interests for the children.  The teachers will maintain a balance between group and individual activities and active and passive activities.  Children will be encouraged to participate in the play/learning centers of their choice.  A variety of materials are offered that relate to the theme.  Children are not forced to participate in activities in which they are not interested.  The centers may include: art center, block center, book center, home living center, language/writing center, manipulatives center, science/nature center, and sand/water center. (Naps are not offered)

Other Play - The children are taken outside each day to play on the playground, go on a nature walk, or participate in a large group game.

Music - Each class will participate in a music/movement each day led by the music teacher.

Group Time - The children come together as a group and participate in stories, songs, finger plays, and other language activities related to the theme.

Lunch and Snack - All children will need a lunch and snack brought each day.  Foods needing refrigeration or warming should not be sent.  We will emphasize good nutrition.  Candy may be brought for special events, but should not be in the child's lunch box.  There will be times that the children will be involved in cooking activities and will be asked to bring in a specific food.

Chapel- Every Wednesday, all the children come together for Chapel Time. A bible stories are told, children learn to pray, and share in Music all together.